Festivals and series

Oct. 26-Nov. 2, 2024

SCAD Savannah Film Festival

The largest university-run film festival in the world, the SCAD Savannah Film Festival celebrates the cinematic creativity of award-winning professionals and emerging student filmmakers. Attendees view major studio releases and indie films prior to their theatrical debuts, meet award-winning filmmakers at talks, panels, and workshops, and make career-defining connections with industry insiders. 

SCAD Savannah Film Festilval Opening Night 2022
Winter 2025


Georgia's only festival dedicated to all things TV and streaming, SCAD TVfest celebrates the best in design, creativity, and innovation on the small screen. TVfest guests catch live premieres and interactive programming from their favorite shows, explore the best work and latest trends in broadcast, streaming, cable, web, social media, and advertising, and connect with industry insiders working on camera and behind the scenes. 

March 28-April 13, 2024

Savannah Music Festival

Dedicated to presenting a world-class celebration of musical arts, the Savannah Music Festival creates timeless and adventurous productions that stimulate art education, foster economic growth, and unite artists and audiences in Savannah. 

Savannah Music Festival
2024-25 SEASON

Savannah Philharmonic

Savannah's professional symphony orchestra, the Savannah Philharmonic presents a full range of concerts each season, from musical classics to pops. The Savannah Philharmonic Chorus is a community-based auditioned ensemble that works regularly with the orchestra in an oratorio and opera setting as well as performs a range of other music, from a cappella Baroque to rock and pop standards. 

Savannah philharmonic
Fall 2024

SCAD AnimationFest

SCAD AnimationFest is the university's signature event for animation, gaming, visual effects, and more. At this three-day festival, attendees explore the latest trends in digital media, connect with groundbreaking companies in Atlanta and beyond, and view films and TV shows from major studios as well as from standout SCAD student animators.

SCAD AnimationFest 2023 Logo